Toyota FJ40 – Engine and Specs

The Toyota FJ40 is an SUV in the Toyota Landcruiser 40 collection, which was built from 1960 to 1984 in different versions. Along with the classic Land Rover, Toyota FJ40 is still considereded as one of the most unique off-road vehicles of all time.

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As a result of its easy and robust strategy of Toyota FJ40 gives an exceptional base as a restoration task and is popular with classic car lovers from around the world. Today is the husky Toyota FJ40 that has by its irreversible four-wheel drive with superb terrain features to meet the transportation in desert regions. Utilized as the Toyota FJ40 is readily available in several physical body styles and with different wheelbases.


Toyota FJ40 Engine

Aside from the most common variation, the two-door hardtop with, you’ll find the Toyota FJ40 as a pick-up. In the alternative Hardtop the windshield can be folded up. The symbol F represents the engine, J for the genus SUV (Jeep). The Toyota FJ40 was offered with two different 6-cylinder gasoline engines. The FJ40 with 3.8 liter displacement and 125 hp was produced by 1960 to 1975.
The Toyota FJ40 with the second generation of engines (2F) had a more powerful engine with 135 HP and switched out the precursor from 1975. Was introduced in 1974 with the Toyota BJ40 a jeep with a 85-hp 4-cylinder diesel engine. In regards to the bodywork Toyota BJ40 Diesel is greatly similar to the gas Toyota FJ40. If you want a traditional off-roader like the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, then you go to this website precisely the right place.

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