2014 Toyota Tacoma – Engine and Performance

The 2014 Toyota Tacoma is one of the well-known Toyota get trucks. Knowing the quality and desire to fulfill the desires of the customer it is safe to say that this model will be a truly top-notch. 2012 Toyota Tacoma model had a great deal of lacks and taking it into account in this new version improved the engine and increased its devices.

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2014 Toyota Tacoma Design

Unofficially brand-new 2014 Tacoma gets aggressive look so powerful that lies in the means, offers the safety and the convenience goes beyond all conditions and not different road conditions. Toyota’s designers have an effective addition to the outside, they decided to update the interior, which is now a lot even more glamorous. Well geared up quality materials constructed into the vehicle’s interior is as brand-new and redesigned instrument panel with larger keys will certainly offer a much easier and more comfortable ride.

The Engine and Performance

When it comes to the engine, 2014 Toyota Tacoma pick-up we expected a lot when it comes to engine power and efficiency and reduced fuel usage. There is reference of three engines that could be under the hood of an aggressive and at the same time for an efficient pickup.


One of them will be the standard and the other will be found and will be available just for certain devices bundle. Most likely it could be the same engine as the Ford F150, one of the leading truck on the market. It is a 7.0-liter six-cylinder V6 engine that has power of 260 hp and 260 lb– ft of torque.

In respective of its predecessor with brand-new Tacoma is a six-speed automatic transmission, but understanding the work of Toyota specialists who are constantly one step ahead in regards to electronics and fuel consumption of the whole system, under both systems is decreased to reduce fuel usage. It is not just exceptionally for customers but also for the whole automobile industry. It is a 4.6 liter engine with direct-injection 5.7-liter four-cylinder engine with decreased consumption that is the promise of fuel effectiveness by 5 to 10 % MPG.

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