2014 Ford Ranger – Specs and Price

This is review of 2014 Ford Ranger, we will talk about specs and price for this car!

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Ford has time and again reinvented itself with the newest state of the art car technology. With its long tradition of making family cars, Ford Company has risen on topnotch rank of the most in demand in the automotive market today.

2014 Ford Ranger


New 2014 Ford Ranger can be found in 3 variations, ie. 3 models are: Double Excluding Taxi XLT and Limited Wildtrack. Serve as a basis T6 system. Several of the main features of Taxi XLT Double Excluding the 2.2-liter TDCi 150 hp plus automatic transmission while Ford Ranger pickup will have a 2.3-liter I-4 engine is a quite higher capacity. Power of 143 hp at 5250 rpm, with a five-speed manual transmission. For this type of motor vehicle watching the results up until now on the market is in the U.S. and Southeast Asia, yet with its 180 retail sales market Ford holds a really higher position in the vehicle industry.

About car

Ford Motor Company will launch another of its very own SUV, the newest and latest seven-seater SUV edition ever produced, introducing the 2014 Ford Ranger. With the Ranger they never get tired of remodeling and transforming, enhancing its features to give maximum performance and comfort. Smart features combined with spacious interior, makes it to be on the top and the most developed Ranger SUV in the market nowadays. It’s almost a replica of Ford Explorer and Ford Territory. And for these exemplary characteristics, Ford Ranger has risen to its popularity and is well loved by most customers.

2014 Ford Ranger Models, Specs and Prices

With its unique and brilliant characteristics and functions, the 2014 Ford Ranger SUV was created based on the T6 platform that is highlighted with a very powerful engine. The high capacity of pickup truck combine with the convenience of luxury vehicles was given a careful thought by its inventors. This made the 2014 Ford Ranger truly dynamic. With a 5 speed manual transmission and an engine power of 143 horsepower.

Offer on the Market

The Ranger will be launched with three models: The Limited and Wild track and Double Excluding Taxi XLT that has automatic transmission. With Ford inventors trying to satisfy the wishes of their valued customers, the latest Ford Ranger has a very modern and convenient interior tested for its durability. High quality Equipment and new four-wheel with designed acceleration of 120 km/h. and a trailer stabilizer makes the Ranger stand out and the most popular in the market. Also included are the latest safety and security features for better safety.

2014 Ford Ranger price and release date

There is no press release yet about the details of how much the 2014 Ford Ranger will cost. But according to insiders the price will be no different from the old model but will be much higher as expected because of the enhancements and other features that were added to the new edition. Updates regarding prices will be soon release.

So the next time, you are thinking of buying a new SUV consider the Ford Ranger and enjoy its smart features and convenience most of its users experience today. Make a wise choice and pick the Ranger. Hope this information helps in making the right decision.

The 2014 Ford Ranger will most likely be launched with some significant changes in its outside design. The 2014 Ford Ranger will keeps its standard two rows of seats in which it will be capable to welcome up to seven individuals. Talking of the towing, even heavier freight will be possible to be carried by this pick-up.

Video of Ford Ranger:

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