2012 Hennessey Venom GT – Review and Price

2012 Hennessey Poison GT is unofficially the Globe’s Fastest Hypercar Auto: 265.7 mph (427.6 km/h) in 2 Far. This record is achieved on February 9, 2013, at Naval Air base Lemoore, Califonia USA. That record, nonetheless, was not established under formal globe record problems which need a typical rate to be set over two timed runs.

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Under the Hood

The automobile is powered by a paired turbo-charged 7.0-liter V-8 engine, optimal result of 1,244 hp and 1,115 pound-feet of torque, with an aesthetic weight of 2,743 lbs (1,244 kg). Its power to weight proportion is 1000 horse power per lot. The Poison GT offers a perverse analysis of the “Simplify, after that add lightness” axiom of Lotus Cars creator Colin Chapman.

2012 Hennessey Venom GT Performance

In February of 2013, the Venom GT formally came to be the quickest accelerating production vehicle worldwide as it ran 0-300 km/h in 13.63 secs, therefore developing a brand-new Guinness World Record. The vehicle additionally managed to go from 0-60 mph in 3.05 seconds and 0-100 mph in 5.88 seconds, and it operated the standing quarter-mile in 10.29 secs at 158.83 miles per hour.


Based, incidentally, on the body and body of the Lotus Exige sports coupe, the Venom GT is restricted to an overall run of 29. “We have actually developed and delivered eight, we have 4 on order, and we anticipate to market out the run upcoming year,” Hennessey said.

Inside the previous Exige interior is still a confined Exige inside, but now complete with hi-fi stereo, a/c, and natural leather seats. Mind you, at 265 mph you really need neither AIR CONDITIONING, neither the hi-fi for your Justin Bieber or natural leather seats.


The 2014 Honda Odyssey comes criterion with antilock disc brakes, security and footing control, energetic front head restraints, front seat side-impact airbags and side drape airbags.A rearview cam is conventional across the board, while an updated multi-angle rearview camera is optional on the EX-L and basic on the Touring and Touring Elite. The Odyssey Ex Lover, EX-L and Touring models come standard with Honda’s “LaneWatch” blind spot video camera system, and Touring Elite designs feature an extra standard dead spot notifying system. Forward-collision and lane-departure warning devices are common on EX-L, Touring and Touring Elite versions.


Hennessey will only produce 5 products of the Venom GT, and 4 of them were booked even prior to the auto was released. Each model will certainly take 6 months to create and Hennessey will only be constructing 5 cars a year.

Video of this car:

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